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Scripture References:

1 Peter 4:1-11

Colossians 3:3-17


  • The way we follow Christ matters for others around us. Be sure to have “Christ thoughts” or biblical, moral thought.
  • The end is near, prepare by being a Christlike example for those around you.
    • Don’t be anxious about tomorrow or the end. for when we do, we try to control ourselves, and not let God be in control.
    • Instead of being anxious, pray, and learn to give things up: anger, obscene talk, passions, lust, sexual immorality, covetousness; instead putting on love.
  • Love one another earnestly, and show hospitality without whining.
    • Serve one another as God’s stewards:
      • When you speak, speak the Word of God.
      • Serve with the strength that God supplies.
    • Serve one another as servants, so that God, in everything, may be glorified.