Sermons from June 2008

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Reaching Up, Reaching Out, Reaching In – Reaching a Conclusion


Download the MP3. Scripture for today’s message: Luke 10:25-28, John 13:31-35 Reaching Up (Luke:10-27a) – God calls us to love Him supremely above everything else. That love does not happen automatically, but requires a two way communication with Him. Reaching Out (Luke 10-27b) – We are a neighbor to other people when we meet a […]

Reaching In: It’s Time to Stop Being Nice


Download the MP3. Scripture for today’s message: Matthew 28:16-20 You’re “nice” to people you don’t love. You’re “nice” to people when you pretend that everything is alright. We’re a pretty good church. So what? Reaching Up: Glorifying God is Number One Reaching Out: Sharing God’s Love Reaching In: Encouraging and Discipling Each Other We often […]

Reaching In: Defining Love


Due to a power outage, there is no audio recording for this sermon Scripture for today’s message: 1 Corinthians 13 Context: The church in Corinth saw some gifts (such as speaking in tongues and prophecy) as most important. The different gifts are important. God made them different for a reason; we shouldn’t hold some gifts […]

Reaching In: How to do More Than Just Keep the Peace


Download the MP3. Scripture for today’s message: Acts 15:1-35 Four common things that link all believers: ■Savior – Recognizing the one thing in common with all believers See Christ as your greatest treasure. ■Scripture – Let scripture decide. (Acts 15:15) ■Selflessness – Setting aside your rights for the benefit of others. (Philippians 2:3-5, 1 Corinthians […]

Guest Speaker: Dr. Bill Crews


Download the MP3. Guest Speaker: Dr. Bill Crews What you as an individual can do about the future of your church. Bill Crews, retired president and chancellor of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, became executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention in fall 2007. Crews, a former pastor in the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas, […]