Sermons from March 2009

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Being Real with God


Download the MP3. Scripture for today’s sermon: Joshua •Joshua 2:1-14 ■Because Rahab believed God and that belief was demonstrated in her actions (not just believing in God), she was rewarded with being integrated into God’s family and eventually became part of the lineage that lead to Jesus’ coming to earth. ■Believing in something acknowledges that […]

What is an Elder? Who is an Elder?


Download the MP3. Why are we called the “Bride of Christ” and not the “Wife of Christ”? Take two sinners and have them spend their entire life together… it gets crazy. The only people who think that marriage is perfect are either engaged or newlyweds! The bride comes down the aisle on her wedding day […]

One Way


Download the MP3. Due to technical problems, this week’s recording is not very crisp. We apologize for the decreased quality, and hope to have the issue resolved for future recordings. Scripture for today’s sermon: Deuteronomy 6 What do we want for our children, when they become adults? •The way of the world •the way of […]



Due to technical problems, there will be a delay in posting the MP3 for this week’s sermon. The MP3 should be posted by March 29. We apologize for the inconvenience. Scripture for today’s sermon: Numbers 20 Three types of disobedience: 1) Attitude – An attitude that demonstrates a desire to justify yourself. Numbers 20:10 2) […]

How to Trust God Even When…


Download the MP3. Updated Link 3-07-2009 Scripture for today’s sermon: Numbers 13-14:12 How to Trust God: •Know what God has said 13:2 vs 13:7 We need to understand God correctly; God commanded the Israelites to spy out the land – to come back excited and encourage the nation. But Moses also asked them to look […]