Sermons from March 2010

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The Best Sermon Ever (Part 10: Persecution)


Download the MP3. Blessed are the who? Scripture for today’s sermon: Matthew 5:10-12 Blessed are the who? 1.Do you want to be like Jesus? 2.Why follow Jesus so radically if it means persecution and suffering? Why not just believe in him and go to heaven when I die? Luke 14:26-33 2 Timothy 3:12 Matthew 5:10 […]

The Best Sermon Ever (Part 9: Peacemakers)


Download the MP3. Scripture for today’s sermon: Matthew 5:9 1.How does being a peacemaker relate to being Sons of God? Throughout scripture, peace is attributed as a characteristic of God. Throughout history, God has worked to make redemptive peace with fallen man. Being a Son of God implies sharing in the characteristics of God. Sharing […]

The Best Sermon Ever (Part 8: Pure in Heart)


Download the MP3. Scripture for today’s sermon: Matthew 5:8 Psalm 19 Hebrew understanding of the heart – more than just emotions, but thought and the core of being. Genesis 6:5 Jeremiah 17:9-10 Matthew 12:34 Matthew 15:10-20 The condition of the heart: less than pure. Outward actions do not make the heart pure. Laws manage sin, […]