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Scripture for today’s sermon:
Matthew 5:31-37

Oaths and Integrity

Being a person of integrity did not simply come from keeping the promises you make in the name of the Lord. Integrity should be visible in all aspects of our life.

Divorce and the Sanctity of Marriage
For a more in-depth treatment of divorce, see the message Covenant Keeping from the series Covenant on covenant and marriage.

Deuteronomy 24:1-4

This allowance provides several purposes:
– Protects sanctity of marriage from indecency
– Protected the women from social ridicule
– Documented legitimate divorce status of the women so that she could remarry

Matthew 19:3-9

– God’s design is that a man leaves the protection of his parents to be permanently joined together with his spouse.
– Parts of the Mosaic law, while contrary to God’s ideal, was provided to manage sin and to prevent man’s sin from marring God’s character. Because man was incapable of living to God’s ideal, this was an allowance by God.

Matthew 5:31-32

This passage may seem to imply that divorce is OK if adultery is the cause. Six principles why this is not the case:
1.Context: Other examples Jesus gives for exceeding the righteousness of the pharisees are going way above and beyond the religious laws.
2. Hebrew word used implies sexual immorality (fornication, sex outside of marriage) not adultery.
3.Jesus just said that everyone is an adulterer
4.Disciples had a radical reaction to his teaching
5.God’s implicit and explicit teachings that marriage is permanent
6.Marriage between a man and woman is a picture of the relationship between Jesus and the church. Jesus promises a free gift and maintains His promises despite our multitude of failures.