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Ecclesiastes 8:1-14

Acts 4:1-22

Luke 20:25

Romans 13:1-7

The Christian worldview believes in the existence of a Sovereign and Omnipotent God. A Christian worldview recognizes the reality of an inherent sin, injustice, suffering, and evil existing “under the sun”. The Christian world view believes that mankind is totally depraved and needs a Savior to rescue them from bondage to sin.

Four Primary Principles

  1. Godly Submission (Ecclesiastes 8:1-7)
  2. Limited Power (Ecclesiastes 8:8-10)
  3. Faith and the fear of God (Ecclesiastes 8:11-13)
  4. Receive God’s Good Gifts (Ecclesiastes 8:14-17)

As Christians, we live by promises not by explanations. We live without answers to the “whys” and the “wherefores” of God’s sovereign actions. We have a commandment to obey and humbly submit to the authorities. God allows for civil disobedience only when man’s law is in direct conflict with God’s command.