Listen to this message.


  • Ecclesiastes 9:1-17

The world creates a tremendous amount of data, which is captured more and more every day. Yet all this data it is still insufficient in answering the question of the meaning of life.

In our journey of life one thing is certain that the preacher keeps coming back to. If there is one certainty that happens to everyone, how are we to live in that circumstance? The preacher concludes that the best we can do is celebrating every day and learning the value of wisdom.

Since death is a certainty, be glad you are still alive because you still have hope. Knowing that we are going to die, we can live with that knowledge and allow ourselves to prepare for judgement.

Anything can happen to anyone at anytime. We can’t predict the future. While we live as if the many uncertain things of life are certain, we often ignore the one certain thing in life. While we don’t know when death will come, we must enjoy the good gifts God us this day.

They key to rightly enjoying God’s good gifts is who or what we worship.

We don’t live by explanations, we live by promises.