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Isaiah 1-12

General ideas of the first section of Isaiah:
■Man is totally depraved: Isaiah 1:1-18
– Religion does not make us right with God. We are totally depraved and there is nothing we can do to rectify our standing with God. (See also Isaiah 6:1-8)

■God will provide a way to redeem His people – Isaiah 9:1-7
-Out of our judgment and depravity will come a redeemer as a gift from God as a shoot from Jesse (Isaiah 11), not something that we deserved or earned.

■Which leads to Isaiah 12

12:1 – “On that day” refers to the events of chapter 11 (Jesus’ reign over the earth and judgment of all).

12:2 – “God is my salvation” – Are we trusting in anything other than God for our salvation? If asked what makes you a Christian, what would your response be? Too often we trust in our actions or how we live (which should only be fruit of the salvation God has given us) instead of God’s work.

12:3 – By drinking from the wells of salvation we drink God to satisfy all our thirsts and needs (since He is our salvation).