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Isaiah 24-27

The Lord makes it clear that it is not how good you are, but whether you have committed your life to Him or not.
Judgment on the Whole Earth
■Isaiah 24:1-6
Future Glory
■Romans 8:18-25
■Isaiah 24:7-13
■Isaiah 24:14-16
People of earth fall
■Isaiah 24:17-23
God Will Swallow Up Death Forever
■Isaiah 25:1-5
■Isaiah 25:6-12
The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
■Revelation 19:6-10
The Rider on a White Horse
■Revelation 19:11-21

2 In that day, “A pleasant vineyard, [1] sing of it!
3 I, the Lord, am its keeper; every moment I water it. Lest anyone punish it, I keep it night and day;
4 I have no wrath. Would that I had thorns and briers to battle! I would march against them, I would burn them up together.
5 Or let them lay hold of my protection, let them make peace with me, let them make peace with me.”Isaiah 27:2-5