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Scripture References:

  • Acts 1:8
  • Acts 8:1-4
  • Acts 11:20-28
  • Acts 13:1-28


The gospel is for everyone to be heard.

Fruits of the early church:

  1. Purposefully sending out missionaries to spread the Gospel.
  2. Commonality in Christ to understand the Gospel.
  3. Willingness to learn the Gospel.
  4. Committed Leaders to teach the Gospel.
  5. Priority of the Word of God(Gospel).

Application: Make God and the his Word the priority of our lives and listen and make what we learned the priority of how to run our lives in a Godly manner. Keep God a constant through our families, friendships, and etc.

God exhibits his creativity and sovereignty through the church. He works all things out for our good, and his glory! God is the orchestrator of us. God is the one moving, saving, and sending through us.

Jesus is the message.  Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus nothing else.