Listen to this message.

Scripture for this message

  • Revelations 3:14-22
  • Romans 7:18-25
  • Luke 14:27-33


Discipline – to assist in the development of a person’s ability to make appropriate choices.

The letter to Laodicea starts out with a notice of who is writing the letter – the affirmation, the truth, and the source and creator of everything.  This should call us to attention and listen to what is being said.

Laodicea was a very wealthy city, but suffered from a water supply that was lukewarm and sometimes made the residents sick.  This gives even more meaning to the metaphor used in the letter in Revelation 3.

The church in Laodicea had fallen into the deception that their own wealth and success was enough and had forgotten that they were wretched and worthless without Christ.

Renounce – to give up interest in something.

If we do not recognize God’s value, we cannot be His disciple.

Before becoming a disciple of God, we should look at what it is going to cost us.   Sometimes that price can seem very high.  Compared to the infinitely valuable God, if we recognize His worth, those costs are no cost at all.

Repent – Change your mind and turn around/take action.