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  • James 5:16
  • Psalm 51:3-4
  • 1 Peter 3:8
  • John 17:6-23
  • Romans 15:5-7
  • Ephesians 4:1-24
  • Colossians 3:1-17

Final four parts of the QBC membership covenant:

  1. Confess my sin to God and to fellow believers, and repent and seek help to put my sin to death.
    • While confessing our sin to God is critical in sanctification, having others that we can confide and share our struggles with can provide an opportunity for wise council and assistance with our struggles. (James 5:16)
    • It is easy to go to God and say “I repent”.  It is much more difficult to practically complete the 180° about face that is associated with repenting.  Confessing to others can help bring about the “righteous grief” that can put our sin to death and lead to true repentance.
  2. Submit to the elders and leaders of the church.
    • God is the one who is our true leader.  He is the one who puts leaders in their positions.  We honor God by honoring the leaders He has put in place.
  3. Diligently strive for unity and peace within the church.
    • The idea of unity can be positive or negative.  We need to shape our unity to be a positive force for God.
    • Through the Holy Spirit we can achieve peace with other believers and attain unity of the faith. (1 Peter 3:8, John 17:6-23)
    • The ultimate aim for christian unity is the glory of God. (Romans 15:5-7)
  4. Should I leave the church for righteous reasons:
    1. An elder will be notified.
    2. I will seek a new church with which I can carry out my biblical responsibilities as a believer.