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Scripture for this message:
Acts 11:19-26

Movement, Multiplication, & Me

A movement is not independent of circumstances (Acts 11:19-20)
God uses and is sovereign over circumstances (not necessarily pleasant) for His purposes.
A movement is not dependent on circumstances (Acts 11:21)
Things don’t have to work out just right and the dominoes don’t have to all fall into place for God’s people to accomplish His purposes.
It is dependent on the movement of the Holy Spirit.
This passage is not about a movement. It’s about the Gospel.
The movement is a byproduct of the Gospel.
From the many (Acts 11:19-20)
To the many (Acts 11:21, 24, 26)
Multiplication is how things grow
It’s not just the apostles spreading the Gospel (Acts 11:19)
It’s not just the apostles converts spreading the Gospel (Acts 11:20)
This passage is not about people(me) spreading the Gospel, but about God himself saving people with His Good News.