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How is a church led?
God is using his people, the church, to make himself known. How does he make sure that they don’t mess it up?

The church is led by a plurality of elders/pastors/shepherds who are to serve the church by leading, teaching, protecting, guiding, and overseeing.

God, is and always has been, forming a people to make himself known. (Week 1: The Church is History)
That ‘people’ is the ekklesia (church), which exists universally and invisibly and is expressed locally and visibly. (Week 2: The Church and A Church)
Biblical Metaphors for the Church:

Body of Christ
Bride of Christ
Western weddings focus on the bride, but in biblical times the groom was the center of the wedding.

Family of God
Temple of the Spirit
Flock of God
Govern vs Shepherd
Definitions from the New Oxford American Dictionary
to conduct the policy, action, and affairs of (a state, organization, or people)
to control, influence, or regulate (a person, action, or course of events)

to give guidance
to guide or direct in a particular direction

Matthew 16:13-18
Jesus is the one building his church

Colossians 1:15-20
Jesus is the head of the church universal and the church local

Mark 10:42-45
Leadership is about serving others; not about being in charge

John 10:1-18
Leadership is based on relationship

Acts 1:6-8, 11:27-30, 14:23, 15:6, 22, 20:17-28

1 Peter 5:1-4

Hebrews 13:17

1 Timothy 3:1-7, 5:17-20; Titus 1:5-16
The elders must be striving to set an example of godly character

Further reading: Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch