Scripture for this message:
Matthew 16:13-18

The Church is History: God is and always has been forming for Himself a people to make Him known
The Church and a church: the church exists globally (all believers across all time) and is expressed locally
The Church is led: by Jesus through elders/pastors/shepherds
The center of the Church – Resurrection: the church is meaningless without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
What’s a church member?: nothing in the Bible says to join a local church; the example is to participate rather than spectate
The Church Gathered: at the church building, in homes, etc. to worship God and encourage one another
The Church Scattered: not just at official gatherings, but in our families, jobs, etc.
The Church Preaches (part 1 and part 2): all the church proclaim who God is and what He has done
The Church Sings: combining doctrine and devotion through music
The Church Gives: the root of our giving comes from our God who gives generously and sacrificially

This Week: Where does this church go from here?

Matthew 16:13-18
Peter didn’t get everything right or have perfect theology. Peter was blessed because God revealed Jesus as Christ the Savior to him. Nothing will take away that blessing from a believer.