Pastor James Ng

Lead Pastor

The position of “Lead Pastor” includes, but is not limited to, team development for your pastoral team, facilitation of vision planning and routine meetings, and facilitation of the vetting process for future elders and deacons.

Pastor Kieth Banta

Pastoral Care

The position of “Pastoral Care” provides counseling and care to the individual members of the body at Quinault, as well as facilitating and providing direction and vision for leaders of small groups and Sunday morning ministries (Children’s ministries, discussion groups, etc…)

Pastor Joe Bellanti

Preaching and Teaching

The position of “Preaching and Teaching” involves leading, facilitating, and coordinating the content of messages shared from the pulpit, as well as that of the discussion groups and children’s programs.

Pastor Sean Granger

Operations and Administration

The position of “Operations and Administration” involves managing the day-to-day operations of the church as a functioning organization. This includes issues pertaining to building and grounds, building use, and care and management of paid staff, as well as all items pertaining to communications.

Eric Diaz

Worship Leader

The role of worship leader is to organize, plan, lead, and direct the worship time during corporate gatherings at Quinault. The worship leader also, under direct shepherding of a pastor, helps to fulfill his biblical role as a Christian by discipling other members of the worship team.

Shelley Billet

Ministry / Financial Assistant

The role of the Ministry / Financial Assistant is to carry-out the day-to-day financial and operational needs of the church as an organization. All items related to scheduling of church events, building use, etc… should be coordinated through the Ministry / Financial Assistant