The Work Begins

In 1966, Kennewick Baptist Church, pastored by Howard Ramsey, began a mission outreach at the intersection of Quinault Avenue and Canal Drive, aimed at reaching the youth of the area. Meeting in an old portable office building that was transported to the property and renovated into a sanctuary, 29 members of Kennewick Baptist Church began gathering for corporate worship in May of 1967 under the leadership of J.D. Passmore. 

Image: J.D. Passmore preaching in the original building, 1968


The Church is Established

It wasn't until November of 1969 under the new leadership of pastor Ted Williams, however, that "The Quinault Mission" formally constituted as Quinault Avenue Baptist Church with 64 charter members. By God's grace, Quinault slowly but steadily grew over the years. The modest office portable was soon added onto with a large sanctuary and educational wing attached. In 1986 Quinault was able to help plant Hillview Baptist Church in southern Kennewick--a church still thriving to this day. 

Image: Church membership photo, 1979

The Work Continues
2019–Present Day

Through seasons of difficulty and blessing Quinault has continued to preach the gospel, make disciples, and reach the nations. Pastor Marc Sims, a Tri-Cities native, arrived in December of 2019 and serves as QBC's tenth teaching pastor. He has made his emphasis expository preaching, meaningful membership, and discipleship. By God's grace and if the Lord tarries and wills, Quinault will continue to preach the gospel and make disciples until Christ returns.

Image: QBC's current church building

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